Celebrating the Flavor of Tuolumne County

Taste: to perceive or experience the flavor of. Flavor: an indication of the essential character of something.


One of my favorite things about the New Year (besides champagne and parties, of course) is getting a New Calendar. High tech options be damned. I love my old fashioned calendar and will not give it up!!

The size, the color, the texture ~ I give much thought to all. It has to be pleasing to look at and feel right to the touch. Looking back it seems that I’ve gone through phases…in my early 20s I liked them to be paper bound and filled with artwork. There was the year of the Impressionists & the year of Gustav Klimt. For a while I liked inspirational or funny sayings. Of course there was the Day Planner phase. For the past few years I’ve preferred a simple, medium sized book style bound in leather and in some fantastic color. This year it is a deep red. It is soft and beautiful and serves no other function besides being my calendar.

For me, regardless of style, a brand new calendar symbolizes endless potential. I love to flip through the blank pages and day dream about the upcoming year. What goals will I reach? What escrows will I close? What parties and travel and wonderful adventures will fill the pages?

As I look through 2009’s calendar I am thankful that although there were some challenges there were also many, many, many good times.

And so with 2009 lovingly tucked away and 2010 a blank page with endless potential I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

2 comments on “NEW YEAR ~ NEW CALENDAR

  1. Moye
    January 7, 2010

    I love this. I not big on writing but I love to read. I do the calendar thing every year also. LOL. scary.

    I think I have to come back and visit and see if you are telling the truth about where you live…test it out. Sounds great. Good reasons.

  2. Robin Rowland
    January 8, 2010

    Yes, Moye. Come out and you’ll see it’s the truth!! Let’s schedule that visit in our calendars!!

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