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Commissions- Who Pays & Who Saves?

I was having dinner with a friend recently when the topic of real estate commissions came up. Commissions are negotiable but where I live and work 6% is typical. At Help-U-Sell, we charge a set fee. (There are many reasons for this which I won’t get into here – check out my blog post dated 3/24/2010 if you’re interested.)

Anyway, during the conversation I said that our set fee allows the Seller to save money on the cost of selling their home. My friend chimed in…and allows the Buyer to save money on the cost of buying their home.

I think this brings up an interesting question: How would the Buyer save? They don’t pay the commission.

Or do they?

Consider this ~ my friend bought a home that was listed through Help-U-Sell. The Seller saved over $20,000 in real estate commissions by selling through Help-U-Sell. In turn, much of this savings was passed on to the Buyer in the form of a reduced price.

Makes sense. The Seller had less expense in selling the home and therefore was able to sell the home at a lower price.

And so it goes…when Help-U-Sell saves the Seller money Help-U-Sell also saves the Buyer money. I like it.

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