Celebrating the Flavor of Tuolumne County

Taste: to perceive or experience the flavor of. Flavor: an indication of the essential character of something.


Because of our name many people don’t realize that Help-U-Sell works with buyers. We do! In my office, Lynn Driscoll Cory works exclusively with buyers. It is her passion and it shows.

This weekend I was talking with one of her clients, Kathy, who could not stop raving about Lynn’s commitment that, in Kathy’s opinion, went above and beyond what was expected. You see, Kathy has something very specific she wants to do with the home she is buying. And so, upon Lynn’s recommendation, she called the City to make sure it would be okay. She was assured it would be and was told the necessary steps to take. This did not satisfy Lynn. Lynn double checked and triple checked and is in the process of obtaining the information “in writing”.  Kathy marveled at the fact that Lynn wasn’t satisfied with the simple fact that Kathy was satisfied. She asked….Why did Lynn go the extra mile with “conservative” due diligence? Why not just make the quick sale? One reason is that Lynn takes her fiduciary responsibilities to her clients very seriously. Beyond that, it is never about a “quick sale” with Lynn. It is about forming a partnership and a relationship. A relationship meant to last well beyond “the sale”.

 Kathy’s not the only happy client.

 “When we first considered buying a new house, we had no idea what we were doing!  Our real estate agent, Lynn Driscoll Cory, was very patient while I kept e-mailing her hundreds of houses I wanted to see, and many, many areas I wanted to drive through. Lynn took the time to get to know us and really listened, and soon found us exactly the right house, in exactly the right neighborhood. She negotiated a price that was much, much better than we had hoped for.
Lynn brought in a home inspector who was beyond thorough, and she brought us a mortgage broker who helped us and made getting a loan easy. Somehow during this process our stress dissipated, because we realized that Lynn was guiding us through this process so competently that we simply had nothing to worry about. We had a very positive experience with Lynn Driscoll Cory and the team at Help-U-Sell, and would recommend them to anyone.”

-Jan and John Robinson  

Well, I could go on and on. Suffice to say that Lynn’s clients aren’t the only ones who appreciate her. I do, too. Everyday.

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