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Going Against the Grain – The Help-U-Sell Way


I shamelessly stole this picture from James Dingman because it reminded me of a card I bought in my early 20s that resonated with me. There were 100s of penguins standing on the ice with one standing higher than the others boldly declaring, “I’ve just got to be me.” It’s not that I would characterize myself as a rebel. I’m too quiet for that. But I have always been an independent thinker who likes to chart her own course. I like to read and contemplate, research and listen. Then, move forward- my way. Sometimes my way is with the grain. Sometimes it is not.

As it relates to real estate two things that “went with the grain” didn’t set right with me: Commissions and Hoarding Information. On my path to find a better way I came across Help-U-Sell. Here was a group of independent thinkers who felt the same as me. With their Set-Fee pricing and philosophy of “Information without Obligation” I found the perfect fit.

Commissions: It just seemed to me that charging more money to the person who sold their home for $300,000 but received the exact same service as the person who sold their home for $200,000 was akin to charging the guy driving a BMW more for his carwash than the guy driving a Toyota Corolla. Help-U-Sell’s set fee for services rendered, in contrast, is fair and logical.

Hoarding Information: You know what I mean…withholding addresses or key information just to get a phone call. In essence, holding information hostage just to get a lead. In today’s mobile world where we literally have oceans of information at our fingertips anytime, any place, this is like trying to fence the sea. Fruitless and foolish. At Help-U-Sell, we want you to call because you are interested in our professional services, not because we deliberately withheld the address or square footage of a property. (I attended an education session this year that actually recommended w/holding addresses from Craigslist so as to get more leads – I believe this is an insult to one’s intelligence and so out of sync with today’s world)

At Help-U-Sell we will continue to proudly go against the grain. As others try to build a fence, we will continue to build a better boat and chart our own course. As James Dingman said- 

 It’s good to be Help-U-Sell.

2 comments on “Going Against the Grain – The Help-U-Sell Way

  1. James Dingman
    November 27, 2011

    Great Post, Robin! Your blog is so clean, crisp and well-written. Love what you’re doing!

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