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Taste: to perceive or experience the flavor of. Flavor: an indication of the essential character of something.

Love, Passion, Help-U-Sell and Cookies

RED- the color of love, passion, Help-U-Sell,*

 and now….

 my new favorite cookie.

Have you ever had a Black and White? It’s a cookie. When I worked in downtown San Francisco in my 20s you could find them in almost every coffee shop, bakery or deli. To say I liked them would be an understatement. And, when they became the breakfast of choice with my double espresso it was official; I was obsessed.

The other day Black and Whites popped into my mind and I felt such nostalgia. Not so much for the taste of the cookie but perhaps more for the time. Yes, it was a time when eating cookies for breakfast didn’t matter so much but it was also a time before email, cell phones, the internet and docusign.

I wondered – how fun would it be to create a new cookie? One with it’s roots in the traditional Black & White but one made for my tastes today. And so I introduce to you:

 The Red & White

The foundation of this cookie is chocolate with black pepper, cayenne and cinnamon giving it depth and a little kick. White chocolate icing gives it a subtly elegant finish and serves as the perfect compliment to the cookie’s deep flavor. Red makes it pop.

It’s not traditional and it’s not ordinary. The Red & White takes an old fashioned favorite to a new level. Made for today, this is one smart cookie.

 *Shamelessly stealing from James Dingman, again…

2 comments on “Love, Passion, Help-U-Sell and Cookies

  1. Anna
    March 6, 2012

    Got nostalgic just reading about the black & white. I too was obsessed over this cookie. My local Jewish deli in Sherman Oaks, made the best!

    • Robin Rowland
      March 7, 2012

      Anna, my fellow foodie. So hice to hear from you. I’m not surprised we shared this obsession. Next time we find ourselves in Thousand Oaks together I’ll make you a Red & White. I think you’ll appreciate the spices added to the chocolate.

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