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From Steve’s Desk- Methods & Values

“From Steve’s Desk” is a new category on this blog created to share the musings of Steven B. Campbell Sr., Broker at Prudential California Realty. Steve is a strong leader with a broad business background. He often shares his philosophies in writing and I thought it would be fun to start posting some of his pieces to give a sense of the culture here at Prudential. A company’s culture equals the “way of life” for its employees as well as clients. Steve intentionally creates and maintains a culture that is based on openness, integrity and values. Under his guidance we work hard and we have fun. I hope you enjoy.

Methods and Values….Working Together

by Steven B. Campbell Sr.

More than 30 years working in challenging and competitive business environments have allowed me to demonstrate just how important it is to hold a solid set of Values and to have the right Methods for employing them…consistently. The fact is we cannot hold one set of values for our personal lives and another set for our professional lives. What we believe in is typically what shows—in all aspects of our lives.
A few of the Methods I employ which illustrate the Values which I feel strongly about and do my utmost to employ daily:

 I wish to be 100% accessible and approachable.
 I can’t promise to always agree but I can promise to always listen – while giving full and fair consideration to all views and opinions.
 I manage as if there were no “secrets”…it reinforces my commitment to fairness and “doing the right thing” – for all concerned.
 My integrity does not have a price tag. It’s taken 30 years to build my reputation and it can take just a day to lose it. You keep it as you build it…a day at a time.
 A commitment to continuous improvement should be an important part of our personal and professional lives. “Change” is a fact of life, and it should always be for the better.
 The Golden Rule always works. Showing empathy for others and ensuring that we are treating others as we would expect to be treated, under like circumstances, should be an important criterion for all we do.

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