Celebrating the Flavor of Tuolumne County

Taste: to perceive or experience the flavor of. Flavor: an indication of the essential character of something.

Local Ingredients: Honey ~ Miette’s Honey Tea Cake

Miette is one of the most charming little bakeries in San Francisco. And, they have the most charming cook book filled with cakes, cookies and other goodies. Ingredients are very important at Miette where the philosophy is to use “the very best ingredients which we define as local, sustainable and, whenever possible, organic.” So, when Tuolumne County Real Estate Appraisor, Rick Fox, gave me a jar of his locally made honey I knew exactly what to do ~ finally make Miette’s Honey Tea Cake. Oh, it was good. If you want the recipe send me a quick email and I’d be happy to share. robin@pcr1.com

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