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From Steve’s Desk- SPRING: A Time for Renewal…and New Life!

“From Steve’s Desk” shares the musings of Steven B. Campbell Sr., Broker at Prudential California Realty. Steve is a strong leader with a broad business background. He often shares his philosophies in writing and I thought it would be fun to start posting some of his pieces to give a sense of the culture here at Prudential. A company’s culture equals the “way of life” for its employees as well as clients. Steve intentionally creates and maintains a culture that is based on openness, integrity and values. Under his guidance we work hard and we have fun. I hope you enjoy.




SPRING: A Time for Renewal…and New Life!

by Steven B. Campbell Sr.


As we all experience, time seems to pass faster and faster. If we view it as a single “continuous ride”, little will ever change – at least not for the better. Instead, we can all benefit from regular assessments and course corrections which are targeted at genuine improvement – daily, weekly, monthly.

What better time than Spring and Easter to think in terms of RENEWAL, a FRESH START, or even a shot at making a NEW LIFE?   It’s all very do-able!

In terms of our business, there are many things we can consider doing to jump start that New Life but any of them must begin with our own personal commitment. I have written previously about “Desire” versus “Ambition”. There are many who have the desire to be successful, but there are few who display the ambition to get there.  As Brian Buffini says, “Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die to get there!” Is your “Why” big enough to ignite that fire of ambition? If not, re-think what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. If it is big enough, then you will find the time, the energy, and the will to do what is proven to work – employ it to your benefit! 

Brian reminds us of what we should be doing NOW in order to ignite our current and future production:

  1. Create or update a list of everyone you know.
  2. Send out an Item of Value in the mail.
  3. Post your W.I.N.* goal sheet where you will see it every day. *”What’s Important Now!”
  4. Call your favorite people in your database.
  5. Send a personal note to everyone you call.

It’s simple, it’s inexpensive, and it’s proven to work. Why wouldn’t you wish to do it?




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